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  1. 2006 CRV i-CDTI - Family wagon

    Lifted and JDM rear spoiler installed
  2. 2006 CRV i-CDTI - Family wagon

    Correct, you just need the ODB reader hardware/software and a modified file. You can choose to go with other peoples "home modified" files but I chose to go with Celtic Tuning´s file as it has been tested and proven to work without any problems for people. The clutch is holding as the Celtic file is within the parameters, but I´m thinking of get a new clutch (old lady was previous owner so I´m sure it is about to go soon anyway from the abuse) just to be safe. Liftkit will hopefully be installed tomorrow
  3. 2006 CRV i-CDTI - Family wagon

    As dindin wrote, the ECU for the N22A2 i-CDTI engine is the Bosch EDC16C1-7 ECU. It´s an easy ECU to re-dflash through the OBD2 if you have the hardware and some nerves of steel, cause basically, flashing yourself, you can run in to a lot of problems or make the ECU unreadable. There is a lot to read on the subject online which I did before I decided to attempt it myself. Out of the 100´s eviews of people flashing themselves, I only found 2 cases where something had gone wrong due to faulty hardware. Hence I liked my odds and did it myself. Както написа Dindin,компютъра на N22A2 е Бош EDC16C1. Той лесен за флашване през ОБД буксата ако имаш необходимия хардуер и малко нерви от стомана.Оказа се че има доста проблеми и е възможно да убиеш ЕКУто си. Четох доста в интернет преди да взема решение да флашвам. От 100 теми по въпроса открих само 2 убити компютри. И така шансовете бяха добри и го направих сам.
  4. 2006 CRV i-CDTI - Family wagon

    Zdrasti,Здравейте I´ve been around here for a few years Зand as it is not appreciated by the majority of the members here that I write in English, as I don´t speak Bulgarian, I´m keeping my posts and explanations in English to a minimum.Тук съм от няколко години и понеже не говоря български пиша малко. And regarding your question of Celtic Tuning - https://www.celtictuning.co.uk/ Информация за Селтик Тунинг As their closest representation is in Serbia, I flashed the ECU myself. Най-близкия дистрибутор в Сърбия. Екуто си го флашнах сам.
  5. 2006 CRV i-CDTI - Family wagon

    30mm Team4x4 spacers 30 мм подложки за амортисьорите марка ... SPC rear camber arms Задни горни раздвижени носачи Eibach front camber bolts Болтове за промяна на наклона на предните амортисьори.
  6. 2006 CRV i-CDTI - Family wagon

    Yes, will have a daughter in a month so I needed to upgrade to a more family friendly car. For the next few years at least, but we will be moving elsewhere when my daughter gets older so she can improve her languages Да, ще имам дъщеря до месец,така че трябва да преправя настройките за повече семеен автомобил. За следващите няколко години като начало.но ние ще се местим някъде на друго място ,когато дъщеря ми поотрасне и понаучи езика.
  7. 2006 CRV i-CDTI - Family wagon

    October 2017 - 81000km - Germany Октомври 2017 - 81000 км. - Германия Sofia - 83000km София -83000 км. 16x7.5" ET30 Джанти,странно изнесени OEM JDM Window visor Сенник JDM стил за прозорците November 2017 - 84000km - Sofia Ноември 2017 - 84000 км. Celtic Tuning Stage 1 ECU flash 195hp/292lb/ft. (OEM 140hp/251lb/ft) ЕКУ бокс първо ниво 195 к.с.
  8. Civic EU8 - The Family Bus

    D17A9 ECU (37820-PLR-E01) от Полша
  9. Civic EU8 - The Family Bus

    нови радиатор климатик Спирачни апарати Type-R FN2 Brembo Renault Espace III 300mm Спирачни дискове, Cobra/HEL Накладки, Motul RBF600 Спирачна течност EP3 Type-R заден стабилизираща щанга THULE Багажник 16ки Зимни джанти
  10. Civic EU8 - The Family Bus

    A few more details have been added over the past few months and during the vacation Universal mudflaps New blue front emblem Honda OEM roofrack Installed a 12 LED lightbar for the upcoming winter - 60w - 3 LED on each side as flood and 6 in the middle as spot And a vacation pic from the west coast of Estonia
  11. Civic EU8 - The Family Bus

    A few more updates has happened in the past days.. First the wink mirror was to close to my eyes, so changing focus really hurt the head. Decided to make new, longer brackets, to move the mirror further away and make it easier on the eyes. I have to say big thanks and credits to @Кръчмонавта who helped me to change the exhaust manifold that I had wrapped in heat wrap the evening before. A pretty fast and easy installation as my bolts were hardly corroded at all. Noticeable change in the register with larger bore, comparing to the McD straws that are OEM. Got tired of the red H in the front and decided to try Gold colored with white background - a new has been ordered however -. so this is just for looks at the moment. Also decided to get rid of the numberplate relocator as someone decided to steal one of the two Skunk2 washers that held the plate in place. Installed a small button for the horn on the deep dish steering wheel as it is much faster to reach with the thumb rather then pressing the middle horn button. Yet again, I have to give thanks and credits to @Кръчмонавта for soldering the wire to the horn button. Had to dremmel up one of the holes in the spoke as it is 11mm and the button is 11.25mm. Now it is much easier to use the horn.
  12. Civic EU8 - The Family Bus

    Decided to change my broadway mirror to something that allows me to see everything behind me..
  13. Civic EU8 - The Family Bus

    Some minor updates have happened with the car.. Decided to update the taillights to make them more suitable to the car color with some tint spray from Bricolage.. Went to Japan for two weeks and brought a demon with me for the mirror Bought new wheels, 17x7" Dotz Brand Hatch Installed an upper strut brace for a EP3 Changed to a deep dish wheel instead for better feeling and changed the previously installed LED clock to a smaller in red color to fit the rest of the dash. Added +5 JDM point with a shoshinsa airfreshner Got hold of a used Toyosports 4-1 extractor for 100 leva from UK
  14. Civic EU8 - The Family Bus

    Since my dog is a little devil and like to protest when left alone, she decided to chew off the strings that lifts the parcel shelf when owning the boot. Now, since a new parcel shelf cost more than a blowjob from a prostitute, I decided to fix it myself. A lug nut, some nylon string and a larger diameter cable terminal does the trick
  15. Civic EU8 - The Family Bus

    Decided to change the clocks to a different color which won´t be so disturbing while driving at night.. Light is stronger than pics show though - shitty camera phone Decided to throw in a clock as well as it was missing in my car Bought some better brakes that will be installed eventually - but first to be cleaned, renovated and painted Ordered the Cobra bra from eBay and had it delivered with UPS in 3 days - most impressive delivery ever (based in Turkey) In Swedish we have the expression "uglybeautiful" - That´s what it is