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  1. Navigation DVD for East Europe (2003-2005)

  2. Navigation DVD for East Europe (2003-2005)

    Tnx! When you say it will not work, like it will not read the DVD or it will not load the maps or it will corrupt the Navi System?
  3. Hi all, for start please do excuse me for writing in English. I read all the topics related to the navigation and have not found direct answer for my question, but do apologize if I missed it or misinterpreted it (used translate page). I recently bought Honda Accord 2.4 Executive with Navi and it came with original DVD (APN2-22106 - 2.01) that is comprised of maps that are quite old and for Western Europe. Wanted to upgrade it with newer maps for Eastern Europe (am aware that even the newest 2017 maps do not include non-EU countries). I found torrents with 2017 maps for East and West Europe (on https://rutracker.org), but is says that those maps are for 2006-2008 models only. My questions are: 1. Are these maps going to work on my model, are they compatible 2. Can I "break" my Navi System by trying to load that DVD in the DVD reader (I've heard that I will make the Navi System totally unusable) 3. If trying No. 2 is going to "break" the Navi System, will other function on the screen work, like the controll of the A/C unit or the radio Thank you in advance! P.S. This forum helped me a lot in the decision to buy Honda Accord 2.4.